Monday, August 6, 2012

The delicious smell of Curry...

Today for lunch we are enjoying Curry Chicken with yellow rice, sauteed spinach with garlic sauce and fresh apples, pears and oranges. Our Soup of the day is Roasted Red Pepper with Creamy Ricotta. Please come dine with us!

What is curry?

It’s actually a Western term used to refer to a whole bunch of dishes that are seasoned with a complex spice blend, then simmered in a single pot and and served with rice or bread. Most of these dishes originate across Southeast Asia—in places like India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka—although they are so yummy they've become popular around the world! Because of its multiple origins the precise spice blend used in curries varies by what’s regionally available, but they are quite often considered heavily spiced and typically involve some element of chili pepper. Thus a curry from Thailand may include coconut milk, lemon grass, red pepper, and bamboo shoots, but a curry from India may include cardamom, cumin, caraway, ground almonds and yogurt.

Curries can be “wet” meaning they are served with a sauce to go with whatever meat, fish, or vegetable has been spiced or they can be “dry” which means they're prepared with little to no liquid and most of it evaporates anyway during cooking leaving the main item coated in the rich spice rub.

Here are some of our kitchen staff's favorite kinds of curries with links to recipes from around the web:

Chef Andrew likes Chicken Tikka Masala
Chef June's favorite is a Thai Curry Coconut Shrimp
Our Master Gardener Mia likes Indian Curried Cauliflower (also called Aloo Gobi)
Kwame, who's a cook, likes Beef Massaman Curry 
Lisa, who's also a cook, said she recently made a yummy White Curry

What kind of curry is your favorite?
Have you ever made your own curry powder

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