Thursday, March 27, 2014

Aquaponics at HCZ

We completed the install of our new Aquaponics system at HCZ. The system is housed in the 2nd floor corridor at 35 East 125th street. The system features 100 gallon tank in a beautifully crafted cabinet. The tank currently has 25 baby tilapia that working in conjunction with 80-90 plants. We have been fortunate to have Mrs. Luceno (Science Teacher) connect us with her brother Bill and Eileen and Lit from Cabbage Hill Farms to spearhead this project. The students are very passionate and exited to see the proess unfold. If your site would like to visit, please contact Shelley Blades (HCZ Gardener). Big thank you to Mr. Kevin Dougherty (HCZ PA2 MS Principal) and Marlene Fox for being so passionate and seeing this project through.

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