Thursday, May 4, 2017

Kitchen Math

This week, NYC students are being tested on their math skills. Many students usually feel as if something like math is trivial and not really used in every day life. However, math is essential in places like the HCZ kitchen. You have to work with time, fractions, and converting units of measurment. Many recipes are intended to serve 4 or 8 plates, but when serving a community of students, you have to be able to convert recipies for larger servings without annihalating the recipe. You need everything to taste just as good as it did when cooking in smaller increments. Knowing how to add, subtract, divide and multiply helps to achieve this goal.

Even before you cook, you have to use math to order your ingredients. You have to figure out how many ingredients you'll need to feed a certain amount of people according to your recipe. Adding fractions or converting units will be vital in getting your totals. It's not as if things like sugar or salt can be purchased by half cups or 1/4 of a spoonful. Math can also help you figure out how long you ingredients will last.

Things learned in school apply to more than just tests. Everything learned in school can be used for daily life. History teaches us not to repeat the same mistakes. Art teaches us to think outside the box and math can help us make really great food.  

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