Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Wellness Policy

Originally created to guide the food service at Promise Academy, HCZ's Wellness Policy describes the Educated Eaters commitment and plan for working to transform the nutrition environment within the HCZ community. Based on the Wellness Policy we are committed to:
    1. Feed students a balanced healthy diet that is nutritious, delicious and sets them up to focus and succeed in their schoolwork and thrive in their lives.
    2. Teach our community—by education and example—how to relate to food in a healthy way by improving nutrition education to staff, students and parents.
    3. Encourage students and all members of our community to understand the relationship between healthy eating, an active lifestyle and their success—in and out of the classroom.
    4. Cultivate Teaching Gardens for our community to be vibrant tools that connect our students and staff more closely to the process of growing food, the science behind that process and the experience of sharing in the process of eating the fruits of your own labor.
    5. Incorporate environmental and sustainability education into the cooking and gardening curriculum across all HCZ programs.