Wednesday, January 9, 2013

100 ways to save money when buying food, Tip 2

The unit price is the price you pay per unit of food. Unit pricing makes it easy to compare prices (since some packages weigh different amounts-you can’t always just look at the total price). The unit price is the cost of each unit of measure. The unit of measure may be ounces, grams, pounds, quarts, liters, or gallons. Most unit pricing can be found on the price tags for the item found on the shelf. Below you will see the bar code, item description, total price and price per unit. Weight of the item can also be found on the label. Comparing price per unit between 2 product will help you understand which is a better deal. For example, if you have to containers of ice cream priced the same, one is 9.8 cents per ounce and the other unit price is 12 cents per ounce,  you are getting more for your money with the item that is 9.8 cents per ounce.

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