Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Parents Corner

Everyday we hear and read about the statistics about the rise in overweight and obese children in America.  We see it in our schools and daycares everyday.  Studies have shown us that one major contributor to this is the rise in children’s unhealthy eating habits.  Here are some easy steps to make a some change in eating habits at home: 
1.  Get them INVOVLED…  Together create the family’s grocery list, go grocery shopping, and allow them to help you plan meals, cook dinner, set the table, etc.
2.  Make it AVAILABLE… Have HEALTHY snacks available at all times at home.  Instead of chips and cookies, stock your fridge with fruits and vegetables.
3.  Freedom of CHOICE…  Children love to give their input, so give them options.  It could be as simple as letting them choose between red or green apples.
4.  Lead by EXAMPLE…  Children, more often than not, learn habits from watching what is done at home.  If you try to eat healthy, they will follow your lead.  You will be teaching them the value of eating healthy while helping yourself.

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