Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's A New Year, and it's time for a New You!

As 2012 get's started, many of us around HCZ are thinking more and more about how we can live healthier lives by being more active and eating well. We're renewing our commitment to making the Zone a model of community wellness and we're getting everyone--from Baby College to our senior staff--involved.

Throughout this year we'll be posting simple nutrition tips that connect back to the new "My Plate" graphic which was put out last year to replace the old food pyramid. What we love about my plate is how simple and visual it is. Basically (as you can see) it's a picture of a plate filled with half fruits and vegetables and half grains and protein. Then you've got your dairy. Along with the picture of how to build a healthy plate the USDA put out some great tips for eating better that we'll also be focusing on here on the blog, on bulletin boards throughout the Zone, in the classroom and in Professional Development for our staff. You can find out exactly how many calories you need and see the full nutrition education series of tips by visiting

Beyond healthy eating, physical activity is a key part of living a healthy life. This year we'll be featuring many of our programs that promote physical fitness around the Zone and also highlighting community members who are setting an example for all of us by making changes and getting active. From the Harlem Armory to the Get Fit Challenge to our Physical Education Classes at Promise Academy, we know this is one area where we've got to keep moving and pushing ourselves and each other!

So, take the stairs! Eat a piece of fruit as a snack! Celebrate those around you when you see them making healthy choices! Sign up for a cooking class, go try Zoomba at the Armory or come volunteer in our school garden. Together we can transform our community and our neighborhood into a national model for how to reverse the trend toward obesity and improve the quality of life for the next generation that we're working so hard to educate!

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