Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What is a healthy school nutrition environment?

The healthy school nutrition environment is a phrase that's become popular in the last several years as more and more parents, educators and policymakers have taken an interest in how to provide the next generation with the tools for learning to eat right for life. A healthy school nutrition environment is one that:
  • Reinforces healthy eating in the school dining room, classroom, afterschool clubs, sports and special events
  • Provides clear consistent nutrition messages encouraging students to eat well
  • Educates students about the science behind good nutrition, the impact of diet on health, and the importance of an active balanced lifestyle in relationship to food
  • Trains students how to choose foods that support their bodies and teaching them where their food comes from
  • Encourages students to take ownership of their own food environment and food security
  • Enables students to achieve full academic potential and obtain physical and mental growth
  • Promotes lifelong healthy eating habits
Our Wellness Council meets quarterly to discuss how we are doing in our efforts to create a healthier nutrition environment and brainstorm ways that we can make more positive changes. If you want to learn more about the process we encourage you to start by reading this excellent guide from the Center for Eco Literary called Rethinking School Lunch.