Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where can I get and how do I submit a "food allergy" form?

Submit Food Allergy Action Plan forms at the start of each school year or as soon as a food allergy is diagnosed by a physician to the school’s principal. Your child’s teacher, the kitchen staff and our Health Center will keep copies of the Food Allergy Action Plan form on file in case of an emergency. Forms should be signed by both the child's guardian and their physician who has diagnosed and is overseeing the management of the allergy.

No allergy form is required if your student has Lactose Intolerance although if you want to turn one in so we have it on file, that's fine. Please speak to your student about asking what products contain dairy and requesting lactose-free milk at breakfast. Rice Milk and/or Soy Milk and other dairy-free special items are always available, but not always easy kept as visible as the regular milk.