Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What menu options exist in the cafeteria?

We recognize that not every student or guest at Promise Academy will want or be able to eat the option being served on the hot service line. Therefore in addition to our allergy sensitive options, we also offer vegetarian alternatives. If you or your child have a special dietary need please follow our process for notifying the school staff and food service team by filling out an official Allergy Alert Form.

In addition to the primary entrée option, we always have cold cereal at breakfast and a salad bar at lunch. The salad bar offers sandwich rolls, vegetables and lunch meat for students who want to build their own sandwich as an alternative to the main course. Fruit is also always available along with a vegetable side dish and a grain or starch side dish so it's easy to customize your meal to meet your personal needs and preferences while still getting a balanced healthy breakfast or lunch.

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